Lavender is for Ladies and Why I can’t sleep after watching The Walking Dead.


Zombies. Seriously the worst possible thing to watch before bed… But I can’t help myself. I feel like a kid again hiding my eyes and plugging my ears when I know something horrible is going to happen to the unsuspecting actor on the TV. Danger!! It’s right behind you!!!!
I always think to myself.. ” you will never get to sleep tonight.” And ” don’t watch this before bed.” and I am always right. Why is it so hard to take our own advice? Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a good scare, I might as well sit down to a case of Mountain Dew and a fist full of pixie stix. But I’m addicted to The Dead and it’s on the DVR and I can’t help it that I’m a busy man and the only TV time I have is late at night. These are all terrible excuses. The truth is, I love scary. Plain and simple. Don’t judge me. It’s a sickness. I have trouble sleeping anyway. It’s hereditary. When the world gets quiet and dark, my mind starts going a million miles a minute. I never touch caffeine and try to refrain from hitting the build your own spicy nacho bar that seems to be available 24/7 in our house. Sometime even with the closest attention to the details, sleep doesn’t find me. I can see it drifting in and out of the shadows of my bedroom but it never settles over me when I need it. So I did my research. At three AM of course. The internet is brimming with tips on helping you sleep. The web is crawling with info on sleeping pills. I like to take a more holistic approach to life so popping pills to get a few z’s while tempting, seemed a bit easy. So I walked on being bombarded by ads for sleeping pills and the occasional suggestion from friends that I climb into bed with Jack Daniels every night. So what’s next? Nature maybe? Sure, I am a gambler so why not. Simple is always better. It doesn’t take much effort to find information about herbs that help with sleeplessness. I tried them all. My favorite is lavender. Shush, don’t give me the my grandma smells like lavender speech. I don’t care to hear it. Plus I’ve met your grandma, she smells more like White Diamonds and gin than lavender, just sayin. Ok, lavender.. I did my home work, read all of the blogs the books and fell in love the moment I used it. Peace and quiet. That’s what it smells like to me. I’m sure that a small percentage of the benefits it offers come directly from the state of mind I allow myself to achieve while misting my pillow or climbing into a bubble bath of the brew. Calm. That’s where it takes me. I feel my muscles relax. My mind slows to a crawl and it overtakes me. Calm. Such a wonderful feeling.
It has a rich history. Simple things often do. The Egyptians treasured its oils and used it for its medicinal benefits. They even used it in their mummification process. If it’s good enough to send Cleopatra off into eternity, it’s good enough to help me drift into dreamland.
The people of Greece adored it and rubbed it everywhere, they steeped in it and passed on their love of the stuff to the Romans. Just imagine, a giant steaming hot ancient Roman pool filled with lavender oils. Imagine slipping down in the hot water through little floating islands of purple buds. Then picture just about every person you ever met splashing around in there with you. Might be kind of scary if you think about it so don’t dwell. Those Romans sure knew how to throw a party. History didn’t reserve this little sensory treat for the naked frolicking masses of tanned Roman Gods. The human love affair with our little purple friend persisted. Time moved on and lavender found its way into Victorian England. It’s no wonder really, images flash of wealthy women crammed into corsets stepping over open sewers to climb into their carriages while mashing bundles of scented herbs up against their noses to avoid the stench. Classy.
Her Majesty Queen Victoria favored the dainty herb. She even appointed a royal purveyor to keep her in a constant supply. The floors and furniture in her castles were washed with water laced with the oils. Full stems were strewn on stone floors to be crushed under foot releasing sweet fragrance into the air. I’m sure Her Royal Highness even dabbed a tad behind her ears before allowing her lover John Brown to nibble at her neck. image
Well, it’s late and my eyelids are getting heavy. My bath tub is brimming with towers of bubbles and my pillow has been misted. I have even left the TV off for a change. Rick and the gang will have to fight the undead without me tonight. Who knows maybe I will not dream of zombies tonight and have Andrew Lincoln dreams instead. Those would be sweet dreams indeed.

Photo of Andrew Lincoln courtesy of AMC’s The Walking Dead
Check out their site to become a fan and lose sleep on Sunday nights like the rest of the country. No wonder everyone is so cranky on Mondays.


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