Crash landed on planet earth.


I am a space princess.
It’s just something I have come to grips with. Growing up I would dress up in a ladies white polyester bell bottom jumpsuit and belt on the white poncho I got as a hand me down from my Aunt Mary. I would put a pair of black stirrup pants on my head, twisting and rolling each leg carefully to form two giant black side buns on my head. Trust me I looked just like Princess Leia from Star Wars. I had fashioned what was sure to have been a very realistic laser gun from a rather large and heavy tree branch. I didn’t mind carrying it around. Being a bad ass space princess was hard work. If Defending the universe meant lugging around a 20 pound log with a nail hammered into it for the trigger, then that’s what I would do. Aside from needing to stop every five minutes to redo my slipping hairdo, the outfit was quite comfortable. Perhaps white was a bad choice for crawling around in the cattle barns, climbing trees and wading across muddy creeks. I thought the ground in dirt added a sense of realism. You have to be willing to ruin your garage sale jumpsuit in order to save the planet. I’m sure Carrie Fisher can back me up on this.
Planning and executing the perfect planetary defense was my speciality. I could always anticipate the next move of my imaginary alien adversary. My ability to outsmart them was legendary. I’m certain my efforts to keep the population of this planet from a life of slavery under the control of the Empire would have been richly rewarded. That is if I was doing it for the money or the fame. I was not. In fact I would always decline any reward offered. I was already a fashionable space princess. What could the people of Earth offer me that I didn’t already have ten of. I mean really.
The first signs of spring always remind me of my childhood. Growing up the shift from snow to sunshine meant running free outside. Building tree forts and trying to perfect the cartwheel. A skill I never quite mastered.
Today as the tulips start to stretch from their long winters nap I find myself pulled to the outdoors. The front door to the shop is standing wide open and the air pouring in smells fresh and clean. Customers are coming in to find candles with fresh scents and lotions to get their heels ready for sandal weather. There is a Robbin thrashing about in a puddle left by last nights thunder storm. The world is new. The urge to bring the outside in must be wired into the human subconscious. We have tiny yellow daffodils blooming in pots in our living room and there is a hyacinth preparing to open its purple blossoms on our kitchen counter. It’s like a switch goes off and I’m ready to freshen my nest. Last night we worked on the apartment until our eyes crossed. The bathroom has a fresh coat of paint. The renovation list is down to the final touches.. . Windows are open. It feels like freedom.
The shop is gearing up for the warmer weather with scents that remind us of our trips to the ocean and we have become obsessed with anything that smells of fresh berries or pineapple.
All of the grass is starting to green up and it’s difficult to control the urge to dust off my laser gun. There are trees that need climbing and villains that need apprehended. Maybe this summer I will dig out my jumpsuit, I’m sure it still fits. If you drive by my house and you see me perched in a tree wearing a white poncho, you can rest assured that I am doing my very best to keep the world safe.


Special Thanks to Lucas Film for the image! You guys are awesome! If you need to get your Star Wars fix, or need inspiration for your space princess wardrobe, head over to Star Wars


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