A Haunting at the Harrison Street Inn


Just stumbled on this story I wrote a few years ago. A little story to put you in a lovely Halloween sort of mood.IMG_5134.JPG

Mysterious Heartland

by Timmy Valentine

Several years ago my Husband John and I purchased The Harrison Street Inn. The Inn is a lovely old home tucked into the sleepy little town of Sullivan, Illinois. We fell in love with the Inn as guests. Both of us more than enjoyed staying here and when we found out the property was for sale, we jumped at the opportunity to live in the Inn full time. This place is special, you can feel it when you walk up the front steps. You feel as if the house smiles at you with that big front porch. This place feels like home. The history here envelopes you. Its not over whelming or stodgy in any way, it is comforting. Like your favorite pair of jeans or a warm bowl of soup on a snowy day. You just feel like you are a part of the placeā€¦

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