The things we love now: be unforgettable


The guys and I love to surround ourselves with objects that have strong personalities. In our quest to always be inspired we are constantly on the hunt for new objects that push our buttons. Recently we discovered that an artist we admire has made his work available on a variety of items that we use everyday. Items that we love to give as gifts. Nick’s work is colorful, bold and absolutely unforgettable. Just our cup of tea. Here are some of the things we can’t get enough of and where we think you should stick them.

A collection of these pillows will wake up your living space and have your friends chattering about you every time you leave the room. Try tossing them on a Victorian inspired fainting sofa and watch the sparks fly.




Anchor your space with an eye popping pattern that is sure to develop a cult following. We are flipping out over Nick’s recreation of the carpet pattern used in the set decoration for the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s film based on Stephen King’s book The Shining.


Let’s imagine these shower curtains framing our dining room windows, shall we? Yes indeed we shall. With a few minor alterations these durable curtains can be ready for life outside of the bathroom. A quick trip through the sewing machine can make these ready for your choice of curtain rod.
Nick’s take on the traditional floral pattern is the perfect solution when you are looking to stray from ordinary. If you really want to shake things up a bit. Sit down to an evening meal surrounded by hungry wolves. Those wolves have our mouths watering and would be the talk of any dinner party.



Don’t keep it all to yourself, art is best when shared with people you love, so Give Art! Useful gifts are always appreciated but don’t make them mundane. If you are gifting someone a coffee mug, you better make it stand out in the crowd. Simple thoughtful gifts don’t have to be ordinary. Here are a few things we love that kick ass and are sure to be used everyday.

This Clint Eastwood tote bag will turn heads when you whip it out at the grocery store. When they ask if you want paper or plastic.. Tell them that you want it dirty and Harry.


It is inevitable that someone at the office will try to pretend that your I heart Atlantic City mug is theirs. Don’t give anyone the chance to claim what is yours. Make your go to coffee cup extraordinary, just like you. Pick a mug that says Good Morning, don’t talk to me until this mug is empty. This should do the trick.


Want to buy some of the things we love?
You can find these things and more here

You can also get your fix and find more about the artist over on his facebook page.

The fainting sofa pictured above is available from our friends over at Amazon


The things we love now :: at home with the artist :: Andy Warhol


I have been obsessed with Andy Warhol since I was a little kid. His playful images loaded with bright color and graphic punch. Visiting the museum dedicated to this pioneer of pop art in Pittsburg is a must do if you are in the neighborhood. We have imagined what building a room or two around his work might look like. Here are some things that inspire us.

The Warhol images you see in this blog are available online as prints from The Warhol Store


I think Andy would have been drawn to any of these good looking kitchen must haves. Each of these iconic pieces can be found in a multitude of pop inspired colors. We love to mix and match to keep things interesting.
The items we have found to put our perfect Warhol kitchen together can be yours over at Everything Kitchens





Marilyn radiates pure sex appeal. She defines stardom. We found a few things over at . to put together a Warhol inspired guest room. We selected pieces that spoke for themselves but chose items that would let our leading lady steal the show.







How about a living room with a reason to live. Never ever be afraid to make a statement. Start with the art. We picked Warhol’s cow prints as a starting point. From there we mixed livable textures with more traditional lines to really make those bovines stand out. Adding in some country references with weathered wood, a ticking stripe rug and rustic iron lighting fixtures keeps this room from being to formal. Then we found a signature piece of furniture. The bright yellow bookcase is imaginative and playful company for our cows. Toss in some texture with some pillows and a cozy throw and this living room just became a good place to curl up and read a book. We found the perfect pieces online over at One Kings Lane